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HHyperbolic discounting is not the path to sanctity...

October 20thIssue #16 in Volume I (2019)

I'm now moving to an irregular schedule. Updates will come as enough new stuff worth writing about is ready.


  • Lunescope Android app is awesome and thank God for the Apollo 11 sale
  • I wish Philippine libraries provided services like Kanopy, Hoopla, Libby, cloudLibrary, PressReader, RBdigital, etc.
  • Finally (nervously) rooted an Android phone. Downgraded the firmware first because the latest disables fastboot. Used Magisk. Thankfully the full backup works. I won't be needing custom recovery on this one (yet).
  • Managing cloud storage with FX File Explorer Android app
  • Setup three WiFi networks at home again using the PLDT router, that old Linksys and TP-Link AC750. Channel 5 for main and channel 13 for the other two. Picked these channels based on recommendations by WiFi Overview 360 and WiFi Analyzer. I would have used channel 13 entirely if Roku would use it! Had to install CommView for WiFi drivers just to get Windows 10 to detect channel 13. System regional settings are being ignored by the network adapter it seems.
  • VPN Hotspot from XDA Labs is a godsend.
  • Did a ton of work on my first Raspberry Pi 3 B+. More details on the next issue.


He believed that it was not only in Scripture but in the history of his own people and the stories of holy lives that the handwriting of God could be discerned. Reading this handwriting was his own path to sanctity. He is an inspiration to all who follow that path.

St. Bede the Venerable, Doctor of the Church, in All Saints (1997) by Robert Ellsberg


Morning Iridescent Clouds over Quezon City - Image Credit & Copyright: space.peregrinatio (instagram)

"Morning Iridescent Clouds over Quezon City" @space.peregrinatio

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